Duck Tour Westland

Duck Tours Westland
Westland Tourisme, Westland

Ride around in colored ducks and take a look at one of the many flower nurseries. That’s Tour des Fleurs. Nice for a day out with the whole family.

Tour des flowers

Westland Tourism has put together a unique tour in collaboration with Eenden Tours Westland, where you are guided along the most unknown places in Westland. Not just with a car, but with the brightly colored Ducks (Deux Chevaux) from Eenden Tours Westland. Via a marked route you make a stop at a flower nursery . Here you will be welcomed with coffee or tea, after which you can start the tour. The tour is given by an expert and enthusiastic Westland tour guide from Westland Tourism. That’s educational and fun. This tour lasts an average of four hours.

Opening hours

Duck Tours Westland
Always up for a ride on request!

Westland tourism
Westland Tourism is available from Monday to Friday during office hours.