Always party!

Strandpark Vlugtenburg has an animation team that offers entertainment all year round for children between the ages of 4 and 12.

Animation all year round on Wednesdays and Saturdays

We have a fun, varied activity program for all children throughout the year! The animation is active every Wednesday and Saturday. We will make sure that the children have a great day! On both days, we start in the morning with a craft party to spark the creativity of the little Picassos. After lunch we are eager to get started with fun sports activities and games. Weather permitting, we will do as many outdoor activities as possible, but because we can get a lot of rain in our little country, luckily we also have our brand new indoor play area! At the end of the afternoon there is a festive mini disco, which you should not miss. During the mini disco we always play a cheerful game where we have a small prize for the winner.

After the mini disco, the party is far from over. We are going to roast marshmallows with the kids. And yes, also for the parents, older brothers and sisters, who are in for this delicious sweet snack, feel free to join the campfire. It will be a nice gathering with appropriate music. In bad weather we will read an exciting story in the playroom. We also provide a cozy atmosphere here.

Kind dat lacht

Animation during the other school holidays

In de Kerstvakantie en Meivakantie zullen wij er ook voor zorgen dat er een activiteitenprogramma is where the kids never get bored! You can pick up the entertainment program on arrival at our reception or at Eetcafé Zout.


Sign Up

We would like to take your arrival into account! Sign up for our activities via: Eetcafé Zout via 0174-440971 or send an email to:

We always meet at the animation building next to the large playground and opposite the restaurant. Will you also come and play, craft and dance with us? Fun! We are looking forward to it.

Child plays trombone
Child who surfs

Animation in low season!

Animation all year round at Strandpark Vlugtenburg! At the restaurant in the park (Eetcafé Zout) holiday guests can enjoy fun activities all year round with the animation! The animation provides a nice program for both Wednesday and Saturday. With the exception of January and February, because then we will be closed for a while for renovations. Are you playing along?

Autumn animation program
Animation program Saturday

Summer holiday animation program

Animatieprogramma Zomer

Children's parties

Beach park Vlugtenburg offers the perfect conditions for a super fun children’s party. A huge outdoor playground is right next to the terrace where the children can decorate their own pancake to their heart’s content!

Pancake party:

Yeeey it’s party time because someone is a year older! That should be celebrated! At Restaurant Vlugtenburg we have the perfect solution for this. Do you like to play actively outside and enjoy a delicious pancake? Then look no further.

What does such a pancake party look like?

A table is festively set upon arrival. Here you can relax for a while before you can fully indulge yourself in the gigantic outdoor playground. This is right against the terrace of the restaurant, so parents can easily watch from a distance. Then the pancakes come to the table and you can all go wild with the delicious decorations. Who can make the nicest and most delicious pancake?! Furthermore, there is an unlimited amount of lemonade and the day ends with a delicious ice cream.

Costs: €7.50 per person

pancake party

Pancake party + Beachcombing

The environmentally conscious & educational children’s party! With as icing on the cake a delicious pancake to top it off. What are you going to do? During a beachcombing trip you will learn all the tricks of beachcombing. So that you can be called an experienced beachcomber at the end of the day. You will be surprised by what kind of cool things wash up on the beach!

Decorating pancake

And of course such efforts will make your stomach growl a bit?! So then you all sit down in the restaurant where a fresh pancake is ready with all kinds of tasty versions (with smarties, candies, disco dip, chocolate sauce, sprinkles & whipped cream) to get started yourself. Supplemented with unlimited lemonade & an ice cream afterwards.

Minimum 4, maximum 12 children (minimum age 6 years). Possible on a Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. Someone is there to supervise, but it is also important that the parents themselves also supervise.

Costs €17.50 per person

decorating pancakes

Indoor play area


More than a holiday by the sea

Ideal for a weekend, midweek or holiday at the beach in the Netherlands!