From a cozy weekend away with friends or family to a relaxing beach holiday with the whole family: the cabin bungalow is the ideal accommodation for a holiday by the sea. The look-a-like ship’s cabin is comfortably furnished and is a stone’s throw from the beach and the sea.

Comfort Bungalows

Nice and comfortable for a holiday away in a bungalow! The Comfort Bungalow is fully equipped and has a cozy interior. The bungalows can be recognized by their characteristic ship look. At each cabin you can relax on your terrace and enjoy the quiet beach environment.

Different sizes

The Comfort Bungalow is available in different types. We have a bungalow for 4, 6, 8, 10, 14 or 16 (?!!) people. So there is always enough space to stay with a group of friends or an extended family. The room arrangements are different per bungalow, so that they perfectly match the different groups. The details can be found at the relevant bungalow.

Bungalows aan zee

Luxury Bungalows

The Luxury Bungalows were installed in 2018 and radiate luxury. A cozy interior in combination with the bright conservatory makes this a wonderful bungalow to spend the night. The bungalows are completely finished with nice details and cozy sitting areas. Our luxury bungalows are so close to the beach, only a cottage on the beach is closer!

Enjoy the environment

The beach is just steps away from the bungalow. But that does not alter the fact that there is also a terrace attached to the bungalow where you can sit comfortably. Our holiday tip: Light the barbecue during a sultry summer evening. The BBQ can be delivered on reservation, including a meat or fish dish which you can enjoy with the whole family.

Luxury bungalow


We want everyone to be able to fully enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Thanks to our care bungalow, a holiday is accessible to everyone. The bungalows are spacious and fully equipped. Are additional care materials required? Then these can also be arranged. We work together with the Avavieren Foundation. This foundation organizes adapted holidays for people with disabilities and their families.

Enjoy with the whole family

Would you like to go out with the whole family? Would you like to enjoy the surroundings and completely relax? Then you’ve come to the right place! With the beach caterpillar or the special beach wheelchairs you can take a tour on the beach. Or enjoy a delicious pancake at the pavilion in the park.

Care bungalows

So don’t book an Airbnb or b&b in ‘s Gravenzande, but a bungalow at Strandpark Vlugtenburg! Then you really experience the holiday feeling.

Extras during your stay

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VIP package

Make your stay even more comfortable with our VIP package. Consisting of a towel package per person, tea linen and one delicious breakfast that will be delivered to your bungalow (on the day of your choice). Order this package at the front desk.

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Delivered breakfast

Do you want to pamper yourself? Order a delicious breakfast and we will deliver it to your accommodation! You can order individual sandwiches or a complete breakfast. Order your sandwiches now via the Online store.

Vlugtenburg app

The Vlugtenburg app is the start of your dream vacation. Find all the useful info about the park, the surrounding area and the entertainment programme in one app. You can also easily order breakfast, BBQ packages and Gourmet packages through the app.

Things to do in the area

Fun for kids

The children will not have to be bored for a moment on their beach vacation. Make friends at the campsite, build a giant sandcastle, dance along with the entertainment, play in the outdoor playground or search for washed-up treasures on the beach.

Beach Activities

The beach lends care to the perfect location for both relaxation and active endeavors. Brave the waves on a surfboard, swim along the shore, take a walk on the beach and then settle down contentedly at a beach bar for a drink.


Time to relax! After a year of bickering, you have earned some rest. The phone away, unwind and make good memories together! Opt for a fun family photo shoot, a bike ride through the dunes or an extended beach walk!

Food and drink

What is your favorite cuisine? Prefer an easy bite on the beach or sumptuous dining? There are many nice restaurants around Strandpark Vlugtenburg. You can also turn to the park itself at Eatery Salt, where the wide menu has something for everyone!

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