Camping by the sea Netherlands

A party for everyone

The morning sun rises, you hear the birds chirping, a freshly ordered breakfast is waiting for you in front of the caravan and in the distance the waves are looking forward to the moment you dive in. That sounds like camping by the sea in the Netherlands. For the real camping feeling, go to Strandpark Vlugtenburg. Where we do everything to make our guests feel comfortable. Have you booked yet? Before you know it, someone has grabbed your spot…

Campsite by the sea

When we say a campsite by the sea, we really mean a campsite by the sea. From our park it is a short 10-minute walk to the beach. But why in the Netherlands? The Netherlands is so beautiful! There are still plenty of hidden places to discover. So why spend hours in the car to a faraway country? At Vlugtenburg we have a place for every type of camper, from a camper van to a small tent. And everything in between. Camping by the sea in the Netherlands, that’s real fun!

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