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Pier Scheveningen Vakantiepark Vlugtenburg

Camping Vlugtenburg

Camping with the whole family?! That’s the ultimate holiday feeling, isn’t it? Enjoy the environment together in a minimalist setting. Get out of the daily hustle and bustle and never-ending to-do lists. Imagine yourself in a calm environment, where you can fully enjoy the tranquility that a beach environment has to offer.

Holiday park Vlugtenburg near The Hague

Camping at Strandpark Vlugtenburg is an experience. All day out with the kids. Take a bike ride to The Hague or through the Westland and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. There are various pitches for tents, caravans and motorhomes on the Beachpark Vlugtenburg campsite, equipped with all amenities. With 150 m2 per pitch, there is enough space for entertainment on or around your camping pitch.

Camping is popular

The start of a relaxing holiday

Install your tent, caravan or motorhome among the greenery. Sit down on the comfortable folding chairs you brought with you and think about how you want to start your holiday. Are you going to prepare a delicious snack first or are you saving it for after a long walk on the beach?

Right against the dunes

Right against the dunes Holiday park Vlugtenburg is located against the wide dunes of beach entrance Vlugtenburg. The dunes act as a protection of the land against the waves. But that’s not all, the dunes here in the Westland region also house a great cycling route. It is a unique cycle path that winds through the dunes from the very tip of Hoek van Holland to Scheveningen. Do you also like to discover a new environment by bike?

Nostalgic camping feeling

Do you know that? The nostalgic camping feeling? Arrive at the campsite with the caravan, tent or motorhome. In the morning you wake up to the sound of birds singing. You can feel the grass tickling between your toes as you step outside to check the weather. You greet the neighbor with a big smile on your face. Knowing that this peace will soon be disturbed by the outbreak of the children’s discussion about who is going to do the dishes.

This is what makes camping so popular

What makes camping so attractive? It is of course very relaxing. But we would like to investigate this further. First of all, the financial picture of camping is just very favorable. For not too much money you can install yourself at a campsite. You can buy a simple tent and you’re all set. Of course when you visit several areas, a caravan or motorhome is also very attractive, because you can hop flexibly from location to location.

Furthermore, the big advantage is that you can easily spontaneously go away for one night in terms of planning. Until the last moment you are free to decide, for example in good weather, to go out for a while. In addition, camping in the Netherlands is very popular because children do not distinguish between a Dutch or Tuscan beach. A beach is a beach and children have fun! Plus in the Netherlands, children can make friends who speak the same language as themselves.

camperplaats den haag
kamperen aan zee nederland
camping aan zee met hond nederland
kindvriendelijk camping aan zee
strandhuisje huren
camping met animatie nederland

Child-friendly camping

Child happy, parents happy,

In general, there is one golden rule: Child happy, parents happy. And from that point of view, we ensure that the parents can relax on their holiday while the children can have fun. We have several nice items on the campsite, from a small football field, table tennis tables, a small & large playground, beachcombers shacks and an escape room.

Suitable for everyone

From playing children to romantic couples, groups of friends, young families and eternal adventurers in a Volkswagen van. You will see them all pass by on the Vlugtenburg holiday park campsite. The campsite is fully equipped and therefore suitable and interesting for all target groups. We also have special care bungalows with all the necessary adjustments and care materials.

Children at the campsite

Camping is the ideal holiday for young families with their children. The children can have fun all day long at the campsite and in the playground, while the parents can sit back and relax. The little ones come back every day with whole stories about the outings with the animation or about the new friends they have made.

Outdoor playground

It is a challenging and versatile playground with something for every child. Various climbing machines and panels ensure an unforgettable gaming adventure. Children from 2 to 14 years old can play here to their heart’s content, without and with limitations. A big plus is that the playground is adjacent to the restaurantm where the parents can relax on the terrace. And be honest, what parent wouldn’t want that?!


There is entertainment during the holidays and in high season present at the park. Every week they have prepared a fun program, from beach activities to craft games and a mini disco. Enough entertainment for all different ages.

Nice facilities at the campsite

Facilities at the campsite

Our campsite is equipped with a hot shower with a nice spray. The shower continues to run for 6 minutes, so no annoying interruptions. There are also no coins required, so you can continue to rinse your hair undisturbed, without fiddling with times. You are connected to water and electricity on our luxury camping pitches. On top of that, you also have a TV connection, if you really want to stay informed about your favorite program. There is also a black water discharge area to empty your chemical toilet.

Dogs at the campsite

At our campsite, the faithful four-legged friends are also very welcome. You can enjoy a nice walk with your dog through the dunes or on the beach. Or you can look for the woods in the area, for example the Ockenburghse Bos in The Hague.

Restaurant Zout

Sit down on the sunny terrace of Hé Pannenkoek and let yourself be pampered. An evening not to cook yourself and choose a dish from the menu. Fancy a pancake, hamburger, satay menu, salad or pizza? It’s all possible at the restaurant.

Hot bread service

Wonderful, of course, that primary life. But it is and remains a holiday and what can absolutely not be missed during a holiday? Of course a fresh breakfast with warm rolls. Throughout the year, fresh bread rolls are baked at the restaurant and you can have these delivered to you on order at your bungalow or at the campsite. Click hereto order sandwiches.

Comfortable with the camper by the sea

Paved pitches have been created on the camping site especially for campers with a motorhome. Here you can easily enter and exit. If the Dutch climate is not good, you just grab the camper on a rainy day to drive into The Hague. In the evening you can drive the camper back into place without any effort.

Bike rental

At the reception you can rent bicycles in all sizes. Children’s bicycles, ladies’ bicycles and men’s bicycles with any child seats. And we even have two tandems. You can easily cycle along the dune path along beautiful areas. You can get off in Madestein or Ockenburgh for a nice cup of coffee.

camperplaats den haag
kamperen aan zee nederland
camping aan zee met hond nederland
kindvriendelijk camping aan zee

Also in need of relaxation?

camperplaats den haag
boottocht westland
strandhuisje huren

The Hague area

Camping in your own country

Holiday in your own country, why not? The Netherlands has very beautiful pieces of nature to relax in. Have you always been a big fan of the beach? The wide beach of ‘s-Gravenzande is not far from Vlugtenburg Holiday Park. The long beach continues in a straight line with Hoek van Holland on one side and Scheveningen on the other.

Escape Room

A fun day out in the capital of South Holland. There is more than enough to do in The Hague.

View the Netherlands in miniature at Madurodam. Get inspired by several downtown museums. Shop for yourself or your family a new wardrobe in the extensive shopping streets. Admire the beach from an impressive pier in Scheveningen. Walk around the Binnenhof. Or fill the empty stomachs at one of the many cozy restaurant and coffee shops. In short, enough fun activities to fill a day of city trip.

Dutch stretch of beach near The Hague

As a seasoned camper, you have probably already been able to discover some beautiful places, both at home and abroad. The Netherlands has beautiful pieces of nature such as the Green Heart, Oosterplas and the Wadden Islands. And of course the Netherlands is known for its beaches, the entire west coast of the Netherlands shows off its beautiful beach.

Discover a fairly undiscovered part of the Dutch coast near The Hague!

Also in need of relaxation?

You’ve earned it

Toil all year round and run from top to bottom. Sometimes you just need a nice, relaxing beach holiday. Then you are certainly at the right place with us. Enjoy our brightly colored Pipowagen with your feet in the beach.

Holiday park Vlugtenburg open all year round

The campsite at Strandpark Vlugtenburg is open all year round. This way you can always enjoy a wonderful holiday, exactly when you are ready! The Pipowagen are on the beach in the summer months and are moved to the park in the winter.

Meer dan een camping

Did you know that in addition to our pipowagens, we also have beautiful chalets, bungalows, safari tents and acamping site? Enjoy together at Vlugtenburg Holiday Park.

Camping on Vlugtenburg

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More than a holiday by the sea

Ideal for a weekend, midweek or holiday at the beach in the Netherlands!