Early bird


Early bird Looking for a wonderful holiday in 2022? Then don’t wait any longer and take advantage of the Early Bird promotion and receive a 10% discount on your well-deserved holiday! Then you can be sure that you have a nice spot! Can’t wait either? That’s the coolest thing there is, isn’t it? Already dreaming […]

Pasen at Vlugtenburg 2022

Easter by the sea Take a relaxing break with the family during Easter. Navigate towards the beach of South Holland and spend a long weekend in a bungalow or on the camping site. Enjoy an extensive Easter breakfast and look for Easter eggs in the dunes. Enjoy a long walk on the beach and fall […]

Ascension 2022

Enjoy an extra long weekend on the coast. It’s always a present, isn’t it, that month of May with all the extra days off? Make good use of it!

May holiday 2022

Want to get away during the May holiday? Summer is almost upon us, temperatures are slowly starting to rise.