Christmas in Vlugtenburg 2022

A Christmas at Holiday Park Vlugtenburg equals relaxation and a special Christmas party. Escape hat die Routinen für eine Weile festgelegt.

Autumn by the sea 2022

There is entertainment at Vlugtenburg throughout the autumn holidays! A cosy, cosy autumn is experienced by the sea.

Early birds 2023


Looking for a wonderful holiday in 2023? Book now for the current low rates and be sure of a spot before we fill up!

New Years Eve 2022

Want to start your year in style? Start the new year in peace without fireworks around you, because the park is fireworks-free.

Spring break by the sea 2023

Are you ready for some relaxation? Then book a well-deserved holiday quickly and leave your to-to list behind. Unwind with a beach walk on the shoreline.

Summer holidays by the sea 2023

Safaritent huren aan zee

Summer holidays by the sea 2023 Summer vacation is almost upon us! How lovely! The schools are closed. The pace is just a little slower. Everyone has worked hard for this moment and looked forward to it for a long time. Many people had already installed a countdown on their phone for months to keep […]

Easter at Vlugtenburg 2023

Easter by the sea Take a relaxing break with the family during Easter. Navigate towards the beach of South Holland and spend a long weekend in a bungalow or on the camping site. Enjoy an extensive Easter breakfast and look for Easter eggs in the dunes. Enjoy a long walk on the beach and fall […]

Ascension 2023

Enjoy an extra long weekend on the coast. It’s always a present, isn’t it, that month of May with all the extra days off? Make good use of it!

May holidays 2023

Want to get away during the May holiday? Summer is almost upon us, temperatures are slowly starting to rise.

Pentecost 2023

During Pentecost you can enjoy a nice long weekend away on the coast at Holiday Park Vlugtenburg. You are guaranteed to come home rested!