We have the Golden GreenKey


Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

In Vlugtenburg’s vision, ‘sustainability’ is an important and leading theme. The consequences that non-socially responsible business practices have for the environment (Planet) are known to Vlugtenburg. Our guests and the Vlugtenburg employees(people) have an important role in this. In addition, the economic importance of Vlugtenburg is closely linked to sustainability. The starting point in all areas is therefore preservation of the environment through sustainability.

As a holiday park on the coast, Vlugtenburg must and wants to set an example. For this reason, Vlugtenburg has a policy aimed at dealing carefully with people, the environment and the planet.

This is also reflected in the measures taken by Vlugtenburg. For example, only electrically-driven golf carts drive in the park, all taps are fitted with water-saving heads and separate waste processing is carried out. All with an eye to the future, so that future generations can continue to enjoy the coast/Vlugtenburg.

In addition, we encourage and support our employees to develop a sustainable vision, so that they, too, are conscious of energy and waste disposal. For example, we send our employees to meetings/courses on sustainability in order to broaden their knowledge.

Because Vlugtenburg is involved in sustainability, many guests are inspired and so you see; every little helps.

The Green Key is the international quality mark for companies in the tourism and recreation industry and for meeting venues that are serious and verifiable about sustainability and care for the environment and nature in their surroundings. Strict sustainability conditions apply to obtaining the Green Key.

Vlugtenburg complies or wants to comply with the following agreements:

We actively contribute to the development of our field and the transfer of our knowledge to others who want to learn the trade.
We inform our business partners (customer/client, peers and suppliers) that we are socially responsible.
We make transparent agreements with the customer/client and/or suppliers about the quality of our services and monitor the quality we deliver.
We determine the social impact of our services and minimise it as far as possible where it has a negative impact, such as fraudulent trading, harassment, exploitation and child labour.
We guard the continuity of our business as well as that of the employee, and we make provisions in case of loss of income.
We make voluntary contributions to social causes through donations and sponsorships and/or through voluntary work.
We are continuously working on reducing the environmental impact of our business.
We work continuously to improve our own purchasing process when it comes to the purchase of (office) materials and services with an environmental and/or social label.