Mission & vision

What do we stand for? What keeps us busy and what do we do it for?

Vlugtenburg DNA

We are a holiday park that is continuously developing and anticipating the wishes of our guests. It is important to us that a guest’s holiday starts with a smile and that this smile lasts throughout the holiday. Everyone can then look back on a holiday full of fun and precious memories. How do we contribute to that? Who are we? What is in Vlugtenburg’s DNA? Discover what we stand for!
Cheerful employees

We are:


Our humanity is reflected in our way of communicating. We are friendly, polite and do not squeeze ourselves into a straitjacket of prescribed labels. We address you in a way that we ourselves would like to be addressed, with respect, a touch of humor and our full attention. We want everyone to be able to be themselves. Nicely pure!

Smiling employee Vlugtenburg
We are:

Sociable animals

There are probably few companies where there is so much laughter in the workplace. Having fun is important and we do that as often as possible. Because hey, you spend the most of oyur time at work every week. If everyone does exactly what he or she is good at in the workplace, then everyone feels comfortable and everyone radiates that. Our guests feel that too, of course! Experience it for yourself?

Dancing employee Vlugtenburg
We want:

To astonish

It gives us a very good feeling if we know how to estimate our guests in the right way. We can then offer a tailor-made service. One likes a joke and the other wants to go to his bungalow as soon as possible. We like to connect with that experience of our guests and to amaze them in a positive way. How can we surprise you? Let’s discover that together!
Housekeeping toppers
We are:

Proud of imperfection

Nothing or no one is perfect and it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes things go wrong and then we fix it again. The trick is to be able to sense a problem properly. Even better, to be able to sense what could possibly cause a problem. So that a solution is ready before the guest can ring the bell. We can guarantee that we will always do our utmost to ensure that you have a successful holiday.
Proud imperfection

We are:


Our staff is very empathetic. And we would love to give everyone a big hug on arrival. Unfortunately this is not possible. We always try to empathize with the guest as much as possible. By putting us in their shoes. And to constantly ask ourselves the question: “How would I like it?” This way we know exactly how we can embrace our guest in our actions.

Smiling employees Vlugtenburg

Our team

We are a holiday park that is continuously developing and anticipating the wishes of our guests. A close-knit team that likes to pamper our guests is indispensable! We have such a team, and we are proud and economical of it.