Together with family & friends

A Christmas at Holiday Park Vlugtenburg equals relaxation and at the same time a special Christmas party. Escape the set routines and things that “need” to be done at home.

Enjoy endlessly

Rent a raclette grill at the park or cook your own delicious Christmas meal. Rent one of the many family games and challenge your sisters or brothers to a fanatic game. Go for a refreshing walk on the beach. And last but not least, enjoy the quality time with your loved ones!

Christmas at the beach

Christmas at the beach! Who would not want that? Wonderfully cozy with the whole family in a bungalow? While the candles create a cozy atmosphere and the gifts under the tree are waiting to be unwrapped.

Warm and cozy

Relax from all the hustle and bustle and enjoy a winter walk on the beach during the holidays. A relaxing period for the whole family is guaranteed!

 Enjoy relaxing

Instead of the whole family over the floor during Christmas chose for a wonderful holiday in a bungalow during Christmas. How wonderful is that? Enjoy a cozy bungalow during the Christmas holidays and unwind completely.

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A Quiet surrounding during NYE


Christmas dinner at the restaurant at our park


An unforgettable Christmas

Are you always looking forward to Christmas? The days when you are again close to friends and family. The days when the bellies are eaten round and where we put some effort in quality time together!

Making memories

Great memories, isn’t that the best gift possible?! No expensive gift can match that. Because memories stay with you for years. Book a trip during the holidays and make sure your holidays will be unforgettable.

Christmas ideas

The holidays are always very nice days, but also very busy days. Busy gift shopping and trying to come up with an original gift for everyone. Decorating the house in a cozy and warm way. Struggling your way through the supermarket to stock up on all kinds of good food and drink. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a helping hand here, right? We have come up with something for that. At Strandpark Vlugtenburg, you can choose to order a Christmas tree, which we will decorate neatly for you. So that the cosiness is already inside the bungalow upon arrival. In addition, we also rent a gourmet couple including delicious meat or fish. This way, we help you with your Christmas to-do list, to ensure that you can really relax during the holidays.


Happy New Year eve party
Strandpark Vlugtenburg

More than a holiday at the sea

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us!


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